published papers, working papers, and work in progress

Published papers


  1. NatMed
    COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptance and Hesitancy in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
    with Julio S Solı́s Arce, Shana S WarrenNiccolò F MeriggiAlexandra ScaccoNina McMurryMaarten Voors, Amyn Abdul Malik, Samya Aboutajdine, Opeyemi Adeojo, and 64 others
    Nature Medicine 2021


  1. RJE
    How (not) to Measure Russian Regional Institutions
    with Alexey Baranov, Egor MalkovLeonid Polishchuk, and Michael Rochlitz
    Russian Journal of Economics 2015
  2. PubChoice
    Ruling Elites’ Rotation and Asset Ownership: Implications for Property Rights
    Public Choice 2015


  1. VoprEko
    Investment Climate and Government Turnover in Russian Regions
    Voprosy Ekonomiki (In Russian) 2014

Book chapters

  1. Palgrave
    Property Rights without Democracy: The Role of Elites’ Rotation and Asset Ownership
    In Dahlström, Carland and Wängnerud, Lena (eds.) Elites, Institutions and the Quality of Government 2015


  1. The Media under Autocracy: Essays on Domestic Politics and Government Support in Russia

Working papers

  1. Is Propaganda Effective? Evidence on Framing of Responsibility by State-Owned Media in Russia
  1. Federalism and Ideology
    Under review

Work in Progress

  1. Learning about Bias: An Experiment on News Consumption in Russia
    Data collection
  2. Meta-Analysis of Hard-to-Reach Population Studies
    Data collection
  3. The Effects of Internet Access on Political Opinions and Behavior
    with Anna M WilkeBenjamin LaughlinKholekile Malindi, and Alexis Jang
    Data collection
  4. Persuasion Through Propaganda: Experimental Evidence from Russia
    Design stage