classes, workshops, and teaching materials

Columbia University

Experimental Research (Instructor: Prof. Donald P. Green)
Fall 2019/Fall 2020: TA
  • Extensively advised 18 undergraduate students on all topics related to design, IRB application, implementation and analysis of individual experimental projects
Chinese Foreign Policy (Instructor: Prof. Andrew J. Nathan)
Spring 2017: TA
  • Responsible for 2 1-hour sections per week
Design and Analysis of Sample Surveys (Instructor: Prof. Andrew Gelman)
Spring 2016: TA
  • Responsible for 2-hour bi-weekly sections and grading

HSE University (Russia)

Economics of Reform (Instructor: Prof. Leonid Polishchuk)
Fall 2011/Fall 2013: TA
  • Responsible for weekly 2-hour sections and grading
New Political Economy (Instructor: Prof. Leonid Polishchuk)
Fall 2012: TA & Guest Lecturer
  • Responsible for weekly 2-hour sections each week week and grading
Institutional Economics I (Instructor: Prof. Maria Yudkevich)
Spring 2012: TA
  • Responsible for three 1-hour sections each week and grading